Greg Fenton headshot

Greg Fenton



Principal, Director

During his 29 years at BWBR, Greg has successfully led a wide range of projects, including educational, medical, community, and workplace environments. His clients request him again and again because he excels at controlling budgets and schedules, and is great at facilitating effective communication among the entire client and consulting team. In addition to his solid leadership skills, Greg has a very strong eye for design and works hard to assure design success. Greg will assume overall responsibility for team performance and project success.

"Every day offers incredible opportunities to create a better future all around us. I never have, and never will, take for granted the trust clients place on us to lead them in making real impact for their organization, institution, community, or clients. The responsibility is enormous, yet always thrilling and inspirational. I truly believe our team at BWBR does an amazing job to understand the problem first, then engage directly to produce the innovative forward-thinking solutions needed to make a better future for our clients and community. Each new day is better than the one before!"

- Greg Fenton