Project Highlights

Top Projects of 2022, Finance & Commerce, Minnesota


Greg Fenton headshot

Greg Fenton

Principal, Director

Steve Berg headshot

Steve Berg

Principal, Director

Jarett Anderson headshot

Jarett Anderson

Project Manager

Amanda Aspenson headshot

Amanda Aspenson

Senior Project Manager

Sara Biedenbender headshot

Sara Biedenbender

Interior Designer

Aaron Fields headshot

Aaron Fields

Senior Construction Administrator

Laura Flynn headshot

Laura Flynn

Design Leader

Kevin Gamelin headshot

Kevin Gamelin

Senior Architectural Designer

Sam Griesgraber headshot

Sam Griesgraber

Senior Interior Designer

Pete Haag headshot

Pete Haag

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

Additional Team Members

Allen Hoglund (Retired)

Specifications Writer / Senior Project Architect

Project Specs


45,300 sq. ft. (Phase 1); 21,000 sq. ft. (Phase 2)


270-foot-long pedestrian bridge; the design team took care to preserve existing trees on the site; clean and effective stormwater run-off management was crucial with the development being adjacent to the lake


2022 (Phase 1); 2023 (Phase 2)

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