We understand that our work has impact — impact for our clients, impact on the people who use their spaces, and impact on the communities in which the facilities we plan and build are located.

We also know that work impacts the people in our offices. This is why our mission includes the interests of our employees along with the interests of our clients and the overall success of our firm. Designing solutions, after all, takes a strong partnership, and the bonds we create solidify our partnerships and enrich our lives.

We live the values we promote because we don’t stop being ourselves when the work is done. This philosophy has allowed us to create a culture that our staff describes as fun, hardworking, creative, honest and, most of all, supportive.

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Career Opportunities

Madison Office

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BWBR is an equal employment opportunity employer and will give all qualified applicants consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

If you need an accommodation as part of the employment process, please contact Human Resources at 651.222.3701 or careers@bwbr.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

“The people who work at BWBR are incredible: talented, hardworking, creative, knowledgeable and fun loving. Whenever I have a question, there’s always someone I can ask. The work environment encourages staff education and mentoring.”

BWBR is a group of talented, professional colleagues with a flair for enhancing what our clients do through architecture, interior design and planning solutions. We are dedicated to a work culture that allows employees to acquire experience, build expertise and pursue advancement.

Definitely. Part of what makes BWBR special is our commitment to learning and giving employees opportunities ranging from professional workshops providing CEUs, to product seminars, to personal growth opportunities such as public-speaking groups and investing workshops. BWBR provides numerous real-world learning experiences, especially for young designers and technicians.

We assemble every team to meet the unique needs of a project. Each member has a distinct role, which can vary depending on the scope of the work and the project type. This gives team members a diverse range of responsibilities and experiences.

A principal leads every project, taking hands-on responsibility for project management, contract administration and client satisfaction.

Project managers function as day-to-day leaders, raising issues that need addressing. They ensure that the design is appropriate, flexible and buildable and that it addresses the client’s program, schedule and budget.

Design leaders provide design and creative leadership — innovative solutions that turn the client’s vision into a built reality — that help meet a project’s goals.

Project architects coordinate the project team and assume responsibility for project communication and documentation.

Staff architects are responsible for the daily work efforts, documentation and detailing, and for the coordination of systems, supported by job captains and technicians.

Interior designers coordinate interior floor plans and details, as well as the selection and documentation of interior colors, materials, finishes and furnishings.

Others among our staff fill specific, focused roles given their specialization, such as medical planning, CAD/Revit specialists, construction administration, code review, specification writing, quality assurance, graphic design and staff support.

We work in small project teams; this allows for mentoring, a significant part of BWBR’s culture, and for younger staff to assume responsibilities while receiving the support they need to feel confident in what they do. We know that people learn from mistakes, and small teams with experienced designers provide safety nets for that learning to occur.

Not at all. Relationships, both in and out of the office, are at the heart of our success. We build relationships through fun events and opportunities in the community that reflect both our personality and commitment to improving the lives of others. Group events like “December Treats” and “ParTee”— an event that stretched our designers’ skills by asking them to build a miniature golf course in our workspace — bring fun into the office. Volunteer opportunities for organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Hearts & Hammers and Toys for Tots allow us to stretch our mission to benefit others who live in our communities.

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