BWBR embraces a flexible, hybrid work approach we call FLEXForward. While we always offered some degree of flexibility, we support our employees being able to decide where and when they do their best work based on their specific role.

At BWBR, we trust you to do your job well from wherever you may be and want to ensure that you have all the tools and support you need to do so. We are committed to mentoring and developing staff at all levels, regardless of physical location. We certainly believe that great work can be done remotely, but also value the time and energy created when teams collaborate in-office and together.

Three FLEX options are available: Residents work in-office 4-5 days per week, Hybrid staff spend 1-3 days per week in-office, and Distant employees are fully remote, though permanently located within a few hours’ drive of one of our locations. Our offices are designed to support a Free Address model – where workspaces are for everyone to use while in the office – so staff can utilize a workstation for daily tasks, reserve a team space for collaboration, or check out a focus room for individualized work time. Technology has been updated to support hybrid meetings and collaboration throughout our spaces and on every computer. Stay connected whether you are working at the office, at a client site, or out and about.

We are also intentional about connecting with staff in a hybrid environment, holding regular virtual all-staff Town Hall meetings, optimizing communications through our intranet and knowledge sharing platform BHIVE, and creating paths to facilitate virtual mentorship and connections with senior leadership. Our social and wellbeing committees organize numerous virtual events to help staff connect just for fun, and we will continue to offer a mix of in-person and virtual events going forward to enhance the employee experience. However you prefer to work, BWBR will work for you!