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Creating and optimizing the experience of a space — helping people feel at peace and enabling them to intuitively navigate through the design — is vital to a project’s success. BWBR’s human-centered approach to design seeks to balance the physical and emotional wellbeing of occupants with that of the community and the planet as we bring each space to life.

Our interior designers are fully integrated into the design process, from concepting and visioning to space planning and construction. The team specializes in truly listening to and holistically understanding client needs. Our designers work collaboratively, without siloes, to solve design challenges and create exceptional spaces that are creative, functional, context-appropriate, and beautiful.

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Within the context of your project, our designers can provide guidance on the following:

  • Conceptualization, project goal setting, and predesign
  • Programming and strategic space planning
  • Data collection, benchmarking, documentation, and conceptualization to inform project decisions and maximize space utilization
  • Project management and contract administration
  • Facilities management (knowledge management, documentation, and budgeting/funding management support)
  • Sustainability, performance design, and the AIA Framework for Design Excellence
  • Inclusivity, equity, and accessibility
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Ergonomics and anthropometrics
  • Branding
  • Flexibility, adaptability, and durability of materials and finishes
  • Relevant design trends and aesthetic considerations
  • Wayfinding
  • Soft architecture (movable and impermanent internal structures)
  • Biophilic design
  • Bird safety
  • And more
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Our talented, creative, and experienced designers will immerse themselves in your brand, your purpose, and your needs, partnering with you to create a space that surpasses all expectations.

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