BWBR is committed to understanding and addressing the equity and social justice issues impacting our country, our communities, and our organization. We believe that people are at the heart of good design, and by approaching our work with curiosity, courage, and a human-centered mindset, we seek to use our power to create change wherever we can.

We strive towards equitable and inclusive practices for our employees, and this starts with developing a culture of empathy and understanding across gender identity and expression, age, race, religion, ability, financial background, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, and more. This work includes extensive staff training on equity and inclusion, regular Equity Cafes and Equity Book Club meetings, equity scholarships, and integrating an equity lens into our business-as-usual operations and processes.

And while every one of us is responsible for building an equitable environment, BWBR’s Equity Committee supports that work through organizing educational opportunities and training, examining our policies and practices, and leading the conversation.

Our commitment to equity at all levels of the firm means we are working to:

  • Ensure every voice is valued, respected, and heard.
  • Ensure everyone can bring their authentic self to work.
  • Enhance the diversity of voices in leadership throughout all levels of the firm.
  • Address systemic inequities within our policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Consider equity in our design process so design solutions meet the needs of all users.
  • Ensure a workspace that is both psychologically and physically safe for all.

We aim to foster belonging as a supportive, welcoming, and representative environment and are working deliberately to explore the role of planning, architecture, and design in the context of inclusiveness and equity for all people.