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About the Scholarships

BWBR sponsors two scholarships designed to support equity in the built environment. Each scholarship is awarded based on an application package that includes a sample design project and a written statement on equity.

The Dorothy Brink Ingemann Scholarship for Gender Equity in Design is awarded to a woman studying architecture, interior design, or graphic design. The scholarship is named for Dorothy Brink Ingemann, foundational collaborator and wife of William Ingemann, who was the founder of the architectural office that later became BWBR. Dorothy was one of the first women to graduate with an architecture degree from the University of Minnesota.

The Milt Bergstedt Scholarship for Racial Equity in Design is named for a founder of BWBR who championed the elimination of barriers to equity in his architectural practice and his community. In 1985 Milt was awarded AIA’s Whitney Young Jr. Award for significant contributions to social responsibility. Milt’s long career of public service was dedicated to eliminating discrimination in civic, government, and cultural institutions. This scholarship is offered to a BIPOC student in a graphics, interior design, or architecture degree program.

Deadline for Applications: June 30, 2021 by 5:00 PM CT

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