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Preparing for the future takes more than a road map. It requires a shared vision. Building consensus and commitment to a shared vision is at the heart of BWBR’s strategic facility planning expertise — whether your organization needs a master plan or is looking to plan a campus, site, lab, or facility.

We help clients create strategic plans in order to evaluate existing facilities, help project space needs, and develop options. With an appropriate and well-vetted strategic plan, organizations have a guide for meeting future needs and improving building image, operational efficiencies, and patient care or privacy.

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Our planning team brings a broad base of stakeholders together to gather information around key criteria including:

  • Site factors such as location, site characteristics, and cost/value.
  • Design considerations such as site image/visibility, topography/environmental opportunity, accessibility, orientation, and expansion options.
  • Integration with the surrounding landscape and the broader community.
  • Infrastructure criteria such as availability, site conditions, local/city/regional master plans, and environmental impact.
  • And, for healthcare clients, we provide specialized insight including options for different and evolving healthcare delivery models.

We place the highest value on listening and understanding your needs, leveraging our deep experience to create practical, effective, and impactful plans. Our highly interactive planning and project management processes help you make the most of what you have, outlining multiple scenarios to move your organization forward. BWBR’s strategic planning experience includes:

An aerial drone photo of the new JCRHC campus.

Master Planning / Campus Planning

Master planning/campus planning: A master plan looks 5-10 years into the future and addresses the issues facing an organization, both in the short and long term. BWBR is experienced at developing phasing options that minimize overall cost, bringing the most immediate needs to the initial phases, and focusing on revenue-generating services in the earlier phases.

Our campus planning and design process is centered around our proven history of delivering successful project outcomes. By researching current campus grounds and facilities, establishing vision and goals to align with your strategies and stewardship, scenario planning to identify opportunities, and prioritizing scenarios to reflect your vision and goals, we create a playbook for the future of your campus.

Alternate view of the staff member flex workspace, including hoteling office.

Facility Planning

BWBR’s facility planning helps you understand the space you currently have, how it’s being utilized, and your options for adapting it meet your evolving needs. Our data-driven approach helps clients evaluate renovation and construction options, justify the project to leadership, plan for the logistics of a facility update project, and maximize return on investment.

Interior view of the dry room with viewing windows for a tour route.

Healthcare and Lab Planning

Planning a lab or other highly technical space begins with early studies to fully map out needs and justify funding. As the scope is defined, the BWBR team works with those who will use the space to understand their specific needs and then layer in our knowledge of national trends and best practices. Functionality, efficiency, and safety are paramount, embedded into every step while also prioritizing flexibility and future adaptability.

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Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning is an operations-focused process for helping organizations understand the impacts of and responses to adverse events at an enterprise level.

Structured to identify future operational needs under a variety of conditions, Scenario Planning reveals opportunities to shape campuses and facilities for both normal and divergent operations.

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