Scenario Planning Overview

Planning with a Resilient Operational Focus

Scenario Planning is an operations-focused process for helping organizations understand the impacts of and responses to adverse events at an enterprise level.

Structured to identify future operational needs under a variety of conditions, Scenario Planning reveals opportunities to shape campuses and facilities for both normal and divergent operations.

Scenario Planning Approach

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An evolution to master planning, Scenario Planning combines the vision of where organizations want to go under controlled conditions with an approach that examines the resiliency of that vision in the face of uncontrolled conditions. It expands the meaning of resiliency by encouraging teams to consider not only continuous operations and return to normalcy, but also the ability to flex facilities and workflows in real time in response to disruptive events.

Facilities and infrastructure are then designed for disruption absorption with adaptable spaces, alternative traffic flows, alternative care sites, alternative delivery methods, flexible mechanical systems and restorative environments for supporting the wellbeing of staff under unrelenting stress. By creating a dialogue between all the various parts of an organization, a dynamic plan is shaped to help organizations maintain the integrity of their operations through adversity.

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Scenario Planning puts an organization’s operations at the center of the process, promoting resilient, flexible facilities capable of surviving and thriving in the face of disruptive events like pandemics, natural disasters, mass casualty, or facility threats with manageable impacts on outcomes, personnel, supplies, and facilities

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