Culture of Innovation

The BWBR approach to design isn’t static — it moves dynamically across the organization, in and through project teams and processes, and outward to our clients and their clients. That means we must be vigilant about asking the right questions, digging into research, sharpening our problem-solving skills, and investigating emerging technologies to stay at the top of our game.

BWBR doesn’t invest in innovation for innovation’s sake, but rather to aim for a better way of doing things — solving problems, making better decisions, and driving results.

Our research and innovation practice includes:

Data Analytics and Visualization 

BWBR is deeply invested in developing infrastructure and processes that build toward supporting our clients’ long-term data strategies, specifically the ways that data and data visualization can be leveraged to create design solutions that save clients time and make projects run smoother. 


Design is a powerful tool to create change; however, to harness that power we must fully understand how the design of built environments impacts humans in our everyday lives. BWBR’s formal research program grew out of our vision to serve as a resource for our clients and to commit ourselves to developing a deeper understanding of the impacts that design has on occupants, organizations, and our communities.

Evidence-Based Design 

By applying a level of rigor and relying on evidence-based design, our team creates opportunities for adding value and creating innovative solutions. By converting key design issues into research questions, gathering and critically interpreting relevant evidence, collecting and analyzing data, and measuring results, BWBR is able to build grow our understanding and share our findings — contributing to the wider body of industry knowledge in the process.

Design Technology 

In an ever-changing technology landscape, BWBR seeks to partner with clients, meeting them where they are to provide meaningful management for the interaction of people, workflows and tools and helping to implement innovative design and construction technology solutions.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is the framework upon which we leverage collective knowledge to solve problems, make better decisions, and drive innovation. It is most successful when all three are present and support the organization’s goals. We are intentional about collecting and sharing the knowledge we have as we continue to gain and build capabilities from each project.

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