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Graphic Design

Our in-house graphics and communications talent gives organizations new (or expanded) capabilities, working in tandem with our design-solutions teams. With experience and range across multiple mediums, BWBR graphic designers are ready to support your organization in any of the following ways:

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A child walks past and touches the BWBR-designed Pankalo school logo.


Businesses benefit from a strong brand and need spaces that reflect that strength. Creating environments to support your unique organization means creating spaces that support the people and tools in which you’ve invested. From an entrance sequence that welcomes customers to spaces that encourage impromptu discussions between staff, design can propel businesses forward and complement your existing branding.

Students and a teacher walk toward a classroom entry that features an abstract hawk and sunset themed wall mural

Environmental Graphics

One of the most successful ways of incorporating your brand identity and mission into spaces is through wall coverings and wall protection. Due to their completely customizable nature, these options offer a variety of finishes and textures to add personality to any space.

A child using the storage cubby outside of the Loon Classroom.


Wayfinding helps guide people through your environment while enhancing their experience. Our team can tailor signage to your brand that fits in beautifully alongside your existing design finishes.

A collage of BWBR marketing materials.


Showcasing your brand and your capabilities is where direct marketing pieces can really shine. Marketing collateral such as brochures, postcards, or flyers help you stand out.

Footwall and view to the nurses station from a patient room featuring a parrot wall mural.


When it comes to raising funds for your project, custom fundraising materials and a donor wall can be very effective. Branding a donor wall to fit the architectural design for the space helps tell your story and thank the individuals who made it all possible. BWBR designers can create custom materials using a variety of donor systems, materials, and donation levels to meet your needs.

A collage of physical and digital presentations of a BWBR seasonal card.

And More!

All it takes is an idea, and we can make implementation a reality. No matter how you are looking to enhance your project, we are here to help. Old, new, reused, refurbished — we’re excited about it all!

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