Branding Design Services

A large open lobby and reception area, with comfortable seating for guests.

Businesses benefit from a strong brand and need spaces that reflect that strength. Creating environments to support your unique organization means creating spaces that support the people and tools in which you’ve invested. From an entrance sequence that welcomes customers to spaces that encourage impromptu discussions between staff, design can propel businesses forward and complement your existing branding.

BWBR’s designers have worked with clients ranging from corporate organizations and health care facilities to higher education campuses and high-tech manufacturing companies to implement design strategies that enhance and strengthen their respective brands. Examples include:

  • Using corporate colors and branding elements throughout a facility.
  • Integrating large-scale wall graphics (e.g., printed glass or wallcovering).
  • Designing to reflect your brand, such as softer colors and smooth curves vs. bold colors and distinctive angles.
  • Going beyond a logo and colors by reflecting your mission statement in the design (e.g., encouraging active collaboration and innovation through visibility and accessibility in an office environment).
  • Showcasing products and/or technology specific to your organization.
  • Creating dedicated areas for employees — spaces to work effectively, areas for respite, etc.
  • Building customer loyalty via welcoming first impressions or details such as refreshment stations and coat rooms that make a real impact on the customer experience.

Our passion for truly understanding our clients and what makes each of them unique is reflected in our dedication to getting to know you through interactive and participatory dialogue before we start designing. BWBR has created environments for organizations with long histories and established brands as well as for newer organizations still getting established. Branded environments help reflect and heighten your identity while communicating your history — and future — through spaces designed to support your organization’s goals.

Northeast Metro Intermediate School District 916 Pankalo Education Center

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