Kat Lauer
Senior Interior Designer

Joined BWBR in 2019

With a background in science, Kat brings diverse experience to each of her projects. She enjoys learning about each clients’ unique process across different industries, then using that knowledge to create and deliver the best solutions for their projects. Kat is detail-oriented, and enjoys developing ongoing relationships with clients. She leads interior design, assisting in project visioning, space planning and collaborating with the design team in bringing design and documentation to completion.

“When I went to college, I studied biophysics and planned to be a scientist, figuring out how the world works and solving problems. Outside of the lab, I expanded my creativity through ceramics and sewing to produce functional artwork. Eventually I combined my scientific, technical side with my artistic abilities and entered the world of interior design. Through hypotheses and testing, interior design is a tool that balances elements to fulfill greater purpose and, therefore, improve the lives of people.”


Tennant Company
Global Corporate Headquarters Campus Relocation
Chippewa Valley Technical College
Transportation Education Center and Storage Facilities
Mayo Clinic
Saint Marys Hospital, Mary Brigh Building Center for Procedural Skills Mastery