Doug Wild headshot

Doug Wild


Nate Roisen headshot

Nate Roisen


Leah Fagerland headshot

Leah Fagerland

Senior Architectural Designer

Matt Gager headshot

Matt Gager

Architectural Designer

Sophie Good headshot

Sophia Good

Interior Designer

Brian Lapham headshot

Brian Lapham

Senior Project Manager

Kat Lauer headshot

Kat Lauer

Senior Interior Designer

Peter Leahy headshot

Peter Leahy

Project Manager

Project Specs


110,000 sq. ft.


A National Guard Civil Support Team space provides secure space for unknown and white-powder testing processes. Expanded capacity for future tests such as toxicology of non-fatal overdose, hematology, and chemistry tests will support North Dakota correctional facilities. Partnership opportunities with the CDC will be enabled with a dedicated space for Lab Response Network – Chemistry programming. BSL-3 suites were designed in partnership with a nationally recognized consultant responsible for hundreds of BSL-3 labs around the country. Sample drop-off facilities located at the main entry to the facility simplify the process of receiving samples and minimize the risk of errors in this critical workflow. Health system partnership opportunities include state-of-the-art training facilities, with both classroom and laboratory spaces to operate programs like a Bioterror Workshop for hospital lab teams.



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