Darien Ruschy
Interior Designer

Joined BWBR in 2019

Darien is passionate about exploring the ways that design impacts the experience of people. Her empathetic nature is woven into her design process, working closely with clients to understand their needs and desires for each project. She enjoys delivering purposeful solutions that make her a trusted partner. Darien leads interior design, assisting in project visioning, space planning and collaborating with the design team in bringing design and documentation to completion.

“Sandbox. Playdough. Paper and glue. These were the mediums growing up that I used to create, explore and imagine things that could be. In my profession, my tools look a little different, but the passion fueling the ideas is the same. Getting to be a part of a profession that creates meaningful spaces is an honor and a joy.”


Avera McKennan Hospital
Avera Behavioral Health Center Addition
University of St. Thomas
New Schoenecker Center for STEAM Education