Terri Ulrick headshot

Terri Ulrick



President, CEO

Terri is a 17-year veteran of the firm with over 22 years of experience. A former in-house architect for the U.S. Army, Terri’s love for the technical side of design has led her to work on projects that push the boundaries of physics, engineering, bioengineering, healthcare, and medical device manufacturing. A strategic, capable leader, Terri has a deep love for the firm and its people and a strong track record of both incredible client service and impactful staff development.

"Architecture is a powerful tool — we can use it to reduce our environmental impact, foster the education of our youth, stimulate new scientific discoveries, or heal people’s souls. What inspires me, beyond the architecture itself, are the relationships we foster to create these tools. To develop such valuable relationships with clients and consultants and positively impact people’s lives through our work, I realize how lucky I am to have a career that is so rewarding."

- Terri Ulrick