Terri Ulrick headshot

Terri Ulrick

President, CEO

Rachael Spires' headshot

Rachael Spires

Associate Principal, Performance Design & Quality Manager

Stephanie Alstead Headshot

Stephanie Alstead

Senior Project Manager

Miriam Figueroa headshot

Miriam Figueroa

Senior Architectural Designer

Lisa Miller headshot

Lisa Miller

Design Leader

Danny Sim headshot

Danny Sim

Design Technology Specialist

Richard Stuerman headshot

Richard Stuerman

Senior Project Manager

Paul Trout headshot

Paul Trout

Senior Architectural Designer

Todd Warren headshot

Todd Warren

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

Additional Team Members

Pete Smith (retired)

President and CEO Emeritus

Jeff Griesinger (retired)

Construction Administrator

Project Specs


58,139 sq. ft.


1,000-seat auditorium; coffee shop with varied lounge seating; Kid-O-Deo (birth-Kindergarten) and Elevate (grades 1-5) classrooms and worship spaces; green room for worship performers; volunteer central and Next Steps program engagement spaces; retail/bookstore in the lobby; abundant parking and effective traffic flow planning



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