Roger “Lars” Larson



Associate Principal, Senior Code Specialist

Roger “Lars” Larson is a licensed architect and code analyst who has an excellent understanding of the International Building Code (IBC), and Building Code standards for states across the Midwest, especially the highly technical requirements for healthcare facilities which reference the Life Safety Code and many NFPA (fire protection) standards. In his home state of Minnesota, he has been active on the State Building Code Advisory Committee, State Fire Chiefs Committee for Fire Code Amendments, and the Minnesota Building Code Appeals Board. He works as a code resource for projects in Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

"Growing up on a large North Dakota family farm, I learned humility and respect for my elders. I learned teamwork and to see things from others’ viewpoints. As I worked with sick animals, I learned to help others selflessly. As we built things, I learned innovation. As hard work was expected, work is not hard. As planting crops anticipates harvest, I learned goal-oriented thinking. As no one could deserve the wonderful life I had on the farm, I learned gratitude. Not a day goes by when I don’t use what I learned."

- Roger “Lars” Larson