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Jason Nordling



Principal, Director

With 26 years of experience, Jason understands the unique elements associated with designing and implementing medical components. He has a track record of leading diverse consulting teams and building consensus among stakeholders to execute innovative complex projects on time and within budget. During his 19 years at BWBR, he has devoted 90% of his time to healthcare projects and has forged long-term relationships with major regional healthcare systems as well as community hospitals and clinics across Nebraska, Minnesota, and South Dakota.

"Having grown up in a household with a nurse for a mother and a carpenter for a grandfather, I was instilled with passion for creating and for people's well-being. Whether I create a worship space that provides people with a sense of serenity, or a place that heals people, making them whole again, I experience a gratifying sense of purpose. And the fact that I can do it with a group of people every day who share my passion makes my work that much more enjoyable."

- Jason Nordling