Jason Nordling headshot

Jason Nordling

Principal, Director

Steve Busse headshot

Steve Busse

Associate Principal, Design Leader

Rachael Spires' headshot

Rachael Spires

Associate Principal, Performance Design & Quality Manager

Matt Gager headshot

Matt Gager

Architectural Designer

Pete Haag headshot

Pete Haag

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

Kelly Heatley's headshot

Kelly Heatley

Senior Architect

Whitney Martin headshot

Whitney Martin

Senior Architect

Ally Pierce headshot

Ally Pierce

Senior Architect

Josh Simma

Senior Architectural Designer

Dani Wedge headshot

Dani Wedge

Marketing Coordinator

Project Specs


21,000 sq. ft.


Larger waiting rooms and wider circulation corridors; 23 exam rooms; two special procedure rooms; a radiology room; sample/draw space; pediatric rehabilitation; two specially designed negative pressure exam rooms for COVID/flu patients; large conference space for community education and engagement; consolidated hospital and clinic registration



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