Mike Boldenow headshot

Mike Boldenow


Allison Christoffels headshot

Allison Christoffels

Architectural Designer

Miriam Figueroa headshot

Miriam Figueroa

Senior Architectural Designer

Amy Kotchevar's headshot

Amy Kotchevar

Senior Interior Designer

Jessica Norton's headshot

Jessica Norton

Senior Interior Designer

Alex Sirko headshot

Alex Sirko

Senior Specifications Writer

Mike Slowinski headshot

Mike Slowinski

Senior BIM Technician

Additional Team Members

Pete Smith (retired)

President and CEO Emeritus

Ken Frey (retired)

Quality Assurance Specialist

Mike Gray

Project Architect

Rick Hintz

Senior Medical Planner

Dave Leighly

Senior Project Architect/ Code Analyst

Ananth Shankar (retired)

Project Manager

Daniel Treinen

Design Leader

Project Specs


160,000 sq. ft.


Birthing Suite: four antepartum rooms, seven labor-delivery rooms, and two boutique water birthing suites

Post-Partum Suite: 10 post-partum rooms, five enhanced couplet care rooms, and eight NICU beds

Hospitable finishes such as in-room mini refrigerators and luggage storage; public meeting space; 40-car parking area



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