Steve Berg headshot

Steve Berg

Principal, Director

Dan Hottinger headshot

Dan Hottinger

Principal, Professional Services Director

Tina Branstad headshot

Tina Branstad

Design Leader

Miriam Figueroa headshot

Miriam Figueroa

Senior Architectural Designer

Laura Flynn headshot

Laura Flynn

Design Leader

Mike Jensen headshot

Michael Jensen

Senior Architect

Additional Team Members

John Strachota (retired)

Principal In Charge/Academic Planner

Katherine Leonidas (retired)

Principal In Charge

Pete Smith (retired)

President and CEO Emeritus

Jenny Bussey

Interior Designer

Sara Goenner Curlee

Senior Performance Design Specialist

Dave Leighly

Senior Project Architect/ Code Analyst

Joe Mueller (retired)

Senior BIM Technician

Eric West

Senior Project Manager

Sheldon Wolfe (retired)

Specifications Writer

Project Specs


293,000 sq. ft.


Sixty-seven legislator offices; workspace for 360 personnel; three hearing rooms, one accommodating 250 people and two for 150 people; state-of-the-art television production studio; underground parking including access for the mobility-impaired; pathway connection to underground Capitol Complex tunnel system linking to Minnesota Capitol; connected to District Energy St. Paul heating system.




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