2018 BWBR Prize Finalists

The Annual BWBR Prize

The BWBR Prize, launched in the mid-1990s as a commitment to both the profession and students, prepares future professionals for careers beyond the classroom. Like BWBR’s two Annual Equity Scholarships, the prize rewards developing designers who demonstrate exceptional skill.

The opportunity provides students nearing completion of their undergraduate studies the chance to compete for a financial prize by demonstrating not only their work, but also their presentation skills in front of a jury of BWBR staff comprised of a cross-section of roles and experience. Students gain valuable career experience, and we are reminded of why we chose this profession and have the opportunity to support the next generation.

Participating schools have included:

  • North Dakota State University
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • University of Wisconsin-Stout
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Iowa State University
  • Dunwoody College of Technology

Preparing the Next Generation of Design Talent

The BWBR Prize typically parallels the process professionals face when potential clients consider engaging us as business partners. While Prize logistics vary by University, typically a small group of students from the third or fourth year class are selected to display their work. Students who demonstrate the highest degree of design merit, thoroughness, organization, and communication potential are shortlisted as finalists and invited to compete in the annual BWBR Prize.

Finalists then either travel to a BWBR office or connect virtually to present their work in front of the panel of jurors. These presentations challenge students to communicate professionally and effectively, much as design professionals do in order to win work. The jurors seek to understand the students’ work and offer professional, expert feedback, then select one student per institution to receive the financial prize.

BWBR Prize students
BWBR Prize finalist presenting
BWBR Prize finalists 2023

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