Replacement Critical Access Hospital and Clinic Campus

Exterior siding on the Avera Missouri River hospital includes patterns that emulate plowed farm fields.
Avera Missouri River reception desk and entry to the lobby's meditation space.
The Avera Missouri River reception and waiting with a fireplace and views to the care corridor.
Exterior view of the Emergency Department entry and canopy.
Exterior view of an Avera Missouri River entry at dusk with lighted prairie grass designs.
The Avera Missouri River physical therapy space at dusk with plentiful views to nature.
Overall dusk view of the Avera Missouri River campus.

Avera Missouri River Health Center

Replacement Critical Access Hospital and Clinic Campus

Gettysburg, S.D.

The new seven-bed Avera Missouri River Critical Access Hospital and clinic campus replaces the former Gettysburg Hospital. The medical center features a compact and highly functional layout, achieving efficient flow within a tight square-footage and optimizing the services offered for this rural community. Innovative design and technology promote flexibility in vital aspects of the care delivery system.

The overarching design aesthetic evokes the horizontal prairie landscape and the exterior brick patterning is intended to emulate a bird’s eye view of the many plowed farm fields so common to this area of the country. Patient care and the emergency department are both fully integrated with Avera’s robust telemedicine program, giving patients access to medical professionals with highly specialized expertise from the comfort and convenience of their community hospital.

Two of the private patient rooms can be converted to semi-private rooms, providing the ability to accommodate more patients as needed. The physical therapy gym is planned to offer public access to fitness equipment in the future.

Size: 21,800 sq. ft.

Components: Welcoming clinic design; seven-bed inpatient unit with two private rooms that can convert to semi-private rooms; emergency services facility; radiology and imaging services; IV infusion sites; physical therapy gym; pharmacy; meditation room; lab

Completion: 2020