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BWBR+ Advisory Services are focused on improving performance at the societal, organizational, process, and individual performance levels. Advisory Services allow organizations to transform an existing building or campus to perform to its greatest potential, including reducing operating costs, increasing utilization, and increasing asset value.

Value Proposition

BWBR’s core services are architecture and interior design, which deliver solutions for place. We are always reinventing and innovating the services we offer for our clients.

BWBR+ is a new array of services that are born to drive solutions for people and processes in place.

BWBR+ services are offered before, during, and after design and construction.

Our professional creative problem-solving process extends beyond building design, and through BWBR+, we discover ideal solutions at the intersection of the “3 Ps” – People, Process, and Place.

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Facility Life Cycle

As designers, we have studied facility life cycles and understand the myriad of associated costs.

Complex buildings are expensive to build and maintain. That cost pales in comparison to all of the other organizational costs incurred for the people and processes involved in the life of a building.

BWBR+ services are designed to better support the organizational costs that go beyond architecture and interior design.

Facility Life Cycle Diagram
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BWBR+ Change Management

Change Management

Change management provides the methods and manners to assist clients with implementing change within both their internal and external processes. This may include preparing and supporting employees, establishing the necessary steps for change, and monitoring pre- and post-change activities to support successful implementation. Services include a process to walk through preparing, implementing, and sustaining change.

BWBR+ Workplace Strategy

Workplace Strategy

Workplace strategy is the dynamic alignment of an organization’s work patterns with the work environment to enable peak performance and reduction in cost. This is achieved through aligning work environment and physical workplace strategies with organizational psychology structure, teams, and/or philosophies. Some may call the resulting space an “Agile” work environment.

BWBR+ Facility Documentation & Analysis

Facility Documentation & Analysis

Organizations with facilities must keep accurate records of their current spaces to support various missions, including:

– Measure usage

– Utilization and type of space

– Regulatory compliance (CMS, The Joint Commission) and inspections

– Accurate existing condition documentation for new project baseline

– Assess tracking and CMMS graphics

– Management and display of data and intelligence of plan (square footage, use, utilization, department, etc.)

BWBR+ Facility Activation

Facility Activation

Facility activation is a logistical plan and implementation that enables a smooth transition from a construction project to a fully operational facility in preparation for safe service delivery. This service is focused on complex building types, such as those in the health care and science + technology or production industries. Facility activation could also include Move Management, which helps minimize business downtime during relocations through advanced planning and strategic communication.

BWBR+ Equipment Planning

Equipment (FF&E) Planning

This service plans, procures, and manages the installation of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) in a project. Equipment planning includes:

– Existing inventory

– Database tracking

– Coordination with client subject matter experts

– Procurement process and budgeting

– Warehousing coordination

– Placement and warranty for specific materials and items

BWBR+ Facility Forensics

Facility Forensics

Facility forensics provides clients with technical expertise, tools, and technology to diagnose building deficiencies, including envelope or other facility performance. Inspection and reporting often involves the review of existing documentation, interviews with appropriate building personnel, and in-depth visual and manual inspection of existing conditions. Professional assessment, diagnosis, design, and management of building envelope can save money, decrease energy usage, lengthen the life of building materials, and improve the indoor environment.

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