The connection between healing spaces and a patient’s recovery is increasingly clear. BWBR is on the leading edge of that evolution, developing facilities that are innovative, dignified, comforting, and safe for patients, their families, and care providers.

Through strong partnerships and decades of experience in health and wellness, we are creating spaces that are redefining mental health care. Our deeply empathetic staff of architects, interior designers, and medical planners help organizations develop environments that promote health, healing, and wellness, while attracting and retaining skilled staff.

BWBR believes that to promote behaviors that are pro-social and therapeutic, whether in an open environment or secure facility, we have to see the environment from a human-centered lens. By putting the safety and security of patients, families, staff, and providers at the center of the design process, we can create healing environments that enable staff to focus on their first priority – delivering compassionate and effective care.

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