Steve Berg headshot

Steve Berg

Principal, Director

Miriam Figueroa headshot

Miriam Figueroa

Senior Architectural Designer

Amy Kotchevar's headshot

Amy Kotchevar

Senior Interior Designer

Rachel Slette headshot

Rachel Slette

Graphic Design Manager

Matt Sletten headshot

Matt Sletten

Design Leader

Additional Team Members

Brian Buchholz (retired)

Principal, Senior Vice President

Steve Erickson (retired)

Associate Principal

Jeff Griesinger (retired)

Construction Administrator

Hanna Kuehl

Project Manager

Project Specs


76,000 sq. ft.


20 classrooms, designed around four learning communities; natural lighting and therapy lights throughout the building; indoor playground; sensory rooms with colored lighting and student-controlled music and sounds; soft, movable, and child-friendly furniture; flexible learning spaces for small-group or one-on-one instruction; the latest in assistive and educational technology; outdoor playground with musical and other sensory features; new BWBR-designed Pankalo logo



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