Tina Krueger
Senior Project Architect

Joined BWBR in 2010

Tina is a versatile, experienced architect with strong creative instincts and a deep passion for design. She believes that the beauty of architecture does not come from perfection, but from a balance of precision alongside the unexpected, which creates an inspiring wow-factor in projects.

“As a kid I’d over-compulsively strive for perfection in the details of my life, in my homework, in chores on the farm, in dance choreography, and in drawing. One of the most important things I’ve learned about architecture is that beauty is not only in the details but in the mistakes, as well. That’s where artistry can flourish, living in the balance of precision and the unexpected, creating that ever inspiring wow-factor that keeps us going.”


Collins Aerospace
Burnsville Semiconductor Facility Expansion
Park Nicollet
Clinic and Specialty Center – Burnsville
Park Nicollet
Clinic and Specialty Center – Burnsville Parking Ramp
R & D Innovation Center
Memorial Medical Center
Surgery Addition and Remodel