Maddie Smith

Graphic Designer

Joined BWBR in 2023; previously at BWBR 2018-2022

In college, Maddie imagined her dream job as a role that combined graphics with spatial design, and she found she could pursue this passion through her work at BWBR. Highly organized and creative, she is a skilled multi-tasker with a steady style that she brings to every design she creates.

“I distinctly remember a conversation with my college professor when I switched my major to design. He asked me what my perfect career would be, and I described a role where I could combine graphics with spatial design. The ability to take a two-dimensional concept and bring it to life to relay a feeling or impression of a space has always intrigued me. It didn’t occur to me at the time that my dream job was in fact a reality, but here I am, doing the exact thing I pictured all those years ago.”


Tennant Company
Global Corporate Headquarters Campus Relocation
SRF Consulting Group
Headquarters Relocation
The Family Partnership
New Social Services Headquarters Relocation
CHI Health St. Elizabeth
Pediatric Place Renovation
League of Minnesota Cities
Workplace Remodel