Lauren Frank
Interior Designer

Joined BWBR in 2015

“Passion for great design and how it can positively impact lives is why my job is more than a job. I’ve seen firsthand with my Grandma how good design helps the healing process. She responded better to treatments in well-designed facilities than some of the older facilities she was in at first. This translates into all sectors of design as well, not just health care. For me, great design is more than just a cool idea or concept. It is going beyond that; getting to know and working with clients to be able to provide the best solution for them. Helping people thrive in the spaces they are in and seeing people get excited about their space again is what fuels my excitement for the work we do.”


Avera McKennan Hospital
Avera on Louise Specialty Care Campus
University of Northwestern
Beverly & John Lord Knight Performance Hall Renovation
Hennepin Healthcare
Clinic & Specialty Center
University of Minnesota-Duluth
Heikkila Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building
Avera Health, Merrill Pioneer Community Hospital
Replacement Critical Access Hospital
Regional Health Custer Hospital
Replacement Critical Access Hospital and Clinic

Allina District One Hospital, Emergency Services Expansion