César Honorio-Arroyo

Senior Job Captain

Joined BWBR in 2019

“Change is constant. It’s important to be aware of change — both expected and unexpected — and to be adaptable. By facing each change as it comes and being present, I have enjoyed many new life experiences. I’ve moved from Lima, Perú, to the Twin Cities, and I’ve successfully overcome the mental demands of speaking a second language daily and the physical challenges of CrossFit. These activities have taken me out of my comfort zone but granted amazing results. With a mindset of change, every day is an adventure.”


University of Minnesota
Fraser Hall, Chemistry Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory Facility
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Science and Technology Innovation Center
Bethel University
Science Facilities Renovations and Addition
North Dakota State University
Sugihara Hall
University of Minnesota
Biomanufacturing Innovation Center
University of Minnesota
Athletes Village Women's Gymnastics Performance Center