Abbie Zeien
Senior Project Manager

Joined BWBR in 2008

Abbie is a versatile team player who has experience with a wide variety of projects, from government and recreation facilities to health care and higher education. She is well-versed in both project management and document production.

“As I’ve studied architecture more, I have realized that great architecture is more than just a pretty picture. It’s really about how people experience an environment. The best architecture has a unique way of appealing to every user’s senses, whether through views, daylighting, or unique materials, thus making us more aware and conscious in the built world. I love helping create these beautiful environments and enhancing how people inhabit space, encouraging them to return time and time again.”


Eagle Brook Church
Eagle Brook Church – Woodbury
Stillwater Area Public Schools
Early Childhood Family Center
Minnesota Department of Human Services
Minnesota Security Hospital Expansion and Renovation, Phase I
Neuroscience Center
University of Wisconsin-Stout
North Residence Hall Renovation and Addition
Avera Sacred Heart Hospital
Northern Lights Expansion
City of Saint Paul Public Library
Rondo Community Library Remodeling
Sherburne County
Sherburne County Government Center Expansion
YMCA Twin Cities
Southdale YMCA