Abbie Zeien
Project Planner

Joined BWBR in 2008

Abbie is a versatile team player who has experience with a wide variety of projects, from government and recreation facilities to healthcare and higher education. She is well-versed in both project management and document production.

“As I’ve studied architecture more, I have realized that great architecture is more than just a pretty picture. It’s really about how people experience an environment. The best architecture has a unique way of appealing to every user’s senses, whether through views, daylighting, or unique materials, thus making us more aware and conscious in the built world. I love helping create these beautiful environments and enhancing how people inhabit space, encouraging them to return time and time again.”


Eagle Brook Church
Eagle Brook Church – Woodbury
Lifecore Biomedical
Lobby, Breakroom, and Quality Control Lab Remodeling
Minnesota Department of Human Services
Minnesota Security Hospital Expansion and Renovation, Phase I
Neuroscience Center
University of Wisconsin-Stout
North Residence Hall Renovation and Addition
City of Saint Paul Public Library
Rondo Community Library Remodeling
Sherburne County
Sherburne County Government Center Expansion