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Stefnee Trzpuc



Principal, Operations Director

Stefnee serves as the Operations Director for BWBR and actively seeks opportunities for complex problem solving by applying strategic systems thinking through a lens of people, processes, and technology. Stefnee leads strategy and teams for technology systems, knowledge management, data, legal and risk management, and administrative services and works closely with all areas of the organization to identify solutions and improvement strategies for an evolving and thriving practice.

"Knowledge is at the heart of what we do and how we serve our clients. Our approach to practice-based research guides me to design studies and research questions that reach into the core of our clients’ biggest problems. Sharing our findings — both what worked well and what didn’t — is important because what we learn today impacts the future of our clients, our knowledge-driven approaches, and ultimately, the design solutions we create."

- Stefnee Trzpuc