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Side of Design is a design-thinking discussion for people obsessed about organizational and facility performance. Twice a month, we’ll be exploring topics and issues affecting how we heal, learn, work, research, play, and pray with those whose passion and expertise centers on the spaces that enable us to do all of that.

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UnityPoint Health - Meriter Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Program Expansion and Renovation

Mental health has been a vexing problem in America, for many reason but not the least of which has been the stigma surrounding it. The good news is there’s progress, but more than increasing access to treatment, there’s the challenge of providing the proper space for treatment. While efforts focus on making spaces safe from patients doing harm to themselves, only in the past few years has research shifted to look at how evidence-grounded stress-reducing features could possibly reduce incidents of aggression overall in psychiatric facilities. BWBR’s Scott Holmes and Melanie Baumhover spotlight this human-centered approach and how it’s changing the way we see mental health care. Click here to read a summary of the episode.

Scenario Planning Overall with Key

Traditionally, a master planning process guided project developments, driven by both vision and an assumption that the future would reflect more of a normal operational environment. The pandemic upended any sort of normality, and it also showed where that traditional process failed to help organizations navigate through deviations from normal. Scenario Planning evolves that approach, looking at an organization’s operations through various lenses to create options that promote resiliency through various events. BWBR’s Sophia Skemp, Mike Boldenow, and David Voller explore Scenario Planning and its benefits.  Click here to read a summary of the episode.

Rarely in modern times has the United States faced such a massive disruption to our lives and routines. The past year has revealed massive gaps that we’ve often ignored to the way we work, learn, and access services for health and wellness. It’s challenging us to rethink how we structure our physical environments and policies that influence individual lives and organizational performance. BWBR’s Pete Smith, Nan Langevin, and Craig Peterson discuss the spectrum of opportunities this period presents. Click here to read a summary of the entire episode.

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