Steve Berg headshot

Steve Berg

Principal, Director

Miriam Figueroa headshot

Miriam Figueroa

Senior Architectural Designer

Laura Flynn headshot

Laura Flynn

Design Leader

Sam Griesgraber headshot

Sam Griesgraber

Senior Interior Designer

Chelsea King headshot

Chelsea King Reimer

Senior Architect

Matt Sletten headshot

Matt Sletten

Design Leader

Additional Team Members

Brian Buchholz (retired)

Principal, Senior Vice President

Steve Erickson (retired)

Associate Principal

Jeff Griesinger (retired)

Construction Administrator

Hanna Kuehl

Project Manager

Ron Laughlin (retired)

Senior Project Architect

Project Specs


80,000 sq. ft. renovation; 35,000 sq. ft. new construction


Intuitive entrance and pathways; large, dedicated spaces for each learning community, such as calming rooms, sensory rooms, and learning spaces; strategically placed mechanical and lighting systems to limit audio and visual distractions; specialized spaces for arts, life skills, media center, school store, gym, and indoor play; dedicated playground for students



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