Steve Berg headshot

Steve Berg

Principal, Director

Dan Badilla headshot

Dan Badilla

Architectural Designer

Laura Flynn headshot

Laura Flynn

Design Leader

Kevin Gamelin headshot

Kevin Gamelin

Senior Architectural Designer

Kyle Lunke's headshot

Kyle Lunke

Architectural Design Manager

Miranda McNamara headshot

Miranda McNamara Mace

Senior Interior Designer

Mike Owen headshot

Mike Owen


Danny Sim headshot

Danny Sim

Design Technology Specialist

Additional Team Members

Pete Smith (retired)

President and CEO Emeritus

Shida Du

Design Leader

Lucas Glissendorf

Job Captain

Jeff Griesinger (retired)

Construction Administrator

Allen Hoglund (Retired)

Specifications Writer / Senior Project Architect

Mark Jasmin (retired)

Senior Project Manager

Project Specs


63,000 sq. ft.


Major pedestrian subway system renovation; lighter, brighter finishes that enhance wayfinding; improved flow, zoning, and traffic patterns to reduce wait times and congestion; accessibility updates




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