Steve Berg headshot

Steve Berg

Principal, Director

Vic Walker headshot

Vic Walker

Associate Principal, Senior Project Manager

Matt Gerstner headshot

Matt Gerstner

Senior Communications Specialist

Mike Jensen headshot

Michael Jensen

Senior Architect

Nan Langevin's headshot

Nan Langevin

Interior Design Manager

Kirsten Nalan headshot

Kirsten Nalan

Senior Architect

Additional Team Members

Tom Dornack (retired)


Pete Smith (retired)

President and CEO Emeritus

Jim Davy (retired)


Bee Cha

Design Leader

Ken Frey (retired)

Quality Assurance Specialist

Jeff Griesinger (retired)

Construction Administrator

Allen Hoglund (Retired)

Specifications Writer / Senior Project Architect

Dave Leighly

Senior Project Architect/ Code Analyst

Jesse Turck

Project Manager

Eric West

Senior Project Manager

Project Specs


110,000 sq. ft. original facility; 76,000 sq. ft. vertical expansion


Individual health assessment rooms; state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen; diet, exercise, and stress reduction facilities; massage therapy and acupuncture rooms; meditation rooms; in/outdoor rooftop garden with 60-foot-long living green wall; café; therapy pool; childcare center


2007 original facility; 2014 vertical expansion

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