Aaron Fields headshot

Aaron Fields

Senior Construction Administrator

Pete Haag headshot

Pete Haag

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

Jenifer Jirele's headshot

Jenifer Jirele

Senior Planner

Charles Orton's headshot

Charles Orton

Project Management Manager

Mike Schnegelberger headshot

Mike Schnegelberger

Senior BIM Technician

Danny Sim headshot

Danny Sim

Design Technology Specialist

Dani Wedge headshot

Dani Wedge

Marketing Coordinator

Additional Team Members

Brian Buchholz (retired)

Principal, Senior Vice President

Don Thomas (retired)


Jim Davy (retired)


Sara Goenner Curlee

Senior Performance Design Specialist

Shida Du

Design Leader

Brandon Franke

Technical Designer

Ken Frey (retired)

Quality Assurance Specialist

Dave Leighly

Senior Project Architect/ Code Analyst

Liliana Maresh

Interior Designer

Rochelle Maresh

Senior Interior Designer

Daniel Treinen

Design Leader

Project Specs


80,000 sq. ft.


Open office environment; stand-up and treadmill desks; franchisee training wing with folding accordion partitions; central multi-use commons for dining, gathering, and fitness/recreation; outdoor patio; hiking/biking trails; Waxing the City salon; tattoo parlor; visitor and franchisee tour route; showroom; company store; warehouse; underground parking



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