Global Corporate Headquarters Campus Relocation

Work cafe with long bar for food prep and seating options.
Open collaboration space with many drop-in booths and tables.
Collaboration workspace with access to abundant daylight.
A large conference room with multiple monitors throughout the room.
Environmental graphic wall with yellow branding and inspiring message.
Work cafe with booths for focused conversations and open touchdown seating.
Semi-private workspace with touchdown seating and mid-height cubicles.
A semi-private cubicle workstation with a lowered desk.
A semi-private cubicle workstation with a raised desk.
Coffee station with bright red furniture for impromptu meetings.
Private office with expansive window views and options for touchdown seating.

Tennant Company

Global Corporate Headquarters Campus Relocation

Eden Prairie, Minn.

Tennant Company, a global organization that produces sustainable cleaning solutions for a healthier world, is headquartered in a Minneapolis suburb. As corporate culture evolved away from the need for traditional closed offices, Tennant desired a modern, healthier workplace capable of showcasing the company’s story, brand, and products — a goal that was best achieved through relocation. BWBR helped Tennant select and renovate an existing corporate campus, with a master plan to adapt over time to meet projected growth needs and shifting work styles.

Upon Tennant’s purchase of an existing multi-building campus, BWBR assisted with planning the new headquarters and modernizing the 40-year-old facility. The design created curated “neighborhoods,” including social and collaboration spaces that are centrally distributed and in the same location on all floors, directors’ blocks that optimize natural light and give leaders more visibility to all employees, and adjustable workstations assembled from a “kit of parts” for easier reconfiguration. Responding to Tennant’s increased emphasis on collaboration, BWBR reduced the number of closed offices by 80 percent and utilized flexible furniture solutions for multi-functionality in an ever-expanding organization.

Size: 162,750 sq. ft.

Components: Shift from traditional closed offices to open, flexible, modern workplace, including 80 percent reduction in closed office space; emphasis on showcasing products and brand; flexible furniture solutions; access to daylight for majority of employees

Completion: 2020