Mayo Clinic

Benefactor Recognition Displays

People walking in the Mathews Grand Lobby.
Before and after of the Philanthropic Partners display.
Plaque and lighting displays in the Benefactor Recognition Displays.
A person walking through the Mayo Clinic Hall of Benefactors.
Before and after images of the Hall of Benefactors.
The entry to the Mayo Clinic Hall of Benefactors.

Mayo Clinic

Benefactor Recognition Displays

Rochester, Minn.

2020 FAB Award for Healthcare Project, International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Northland Chapter

Mayo Clinic honors their Philanthropic Partners through custom plaques displayed in the Hall of Benefactors at each respective campus. Philanthropic Partners at the highest level of giving are also recognized in Mathews Grand Lobby in the Mayo Building on the Rochester campus. Starting with conceptual visioning, Mayo Clinic and the design team determined that the purpose and qualities of Benefactor Recognition should address:

– Honoring and Thanks (Recognition)

– Appreciation (Impact of Giving)

– Reflective of Mayo Culture

– Timeless

– Personal Connection

The projects occurred in close sequence, with the display in Mathews Grand Lobby implemented first and the Hall of Benefactors immediately after. The displays are designed to work in concert with one another while maintaining a unique identity of their own. The end result is two distinct but unified spaces that bring a greater appreciation for the Philanthropic Partners of Mayo Clinic to the foreground.

The Mathews Grand Lobby’s key design elements are stone and lighting features. The stone provides a connection to Mayo’s legacy, with integrated lighting to maximize impact while maintaining an elegant overall display. The Hall of Benefactors took cues from the lobby space through its integral lighting, which is incorporated into white acoustical ceiling panels that create visual balance with the existing slate recognition plaques. The organization of the space is also reimagined to be more inviting by opening up to the adjacent atrium.

Size: 664 sq. ft. (Mathews Grand Lobby);
4,880 sq. ft. (Hall of Benefactors)

Components: Distinct yet unified donor recognition spaces; digital and touchscreen displays; a variety of peaceful seating options; adaptive plaques; custom ceiling and lighting features

Completion: 2017 (Mathews Grand Lobby);
2019 (Hall of Benefactors)

Pete Smith (retired)
Steve Berg
Laura Flynn
Mark Jasmin (retired)
Nan Langevin
Danny Sim
Matt Sletten