New Parking Deck

A car entering the CHS parking deck.
View from the pedestrian bridge to the CHS parking ramp.
People walking to and from the CHS parking ramp to the office, using the sidewalks and pedestrian bridge.
Detail photo of the pedestrian sidewalk with greenery on the CHS parking ramp.
A person walking alongside the CHS parking ramp.
Detail photo of a car parked in the CHS ramp with views to the office building and landscaping elements.

CHS Inc.

New Parking Deck

Inver Grove Heights, Minn.

As part of a multi-year headquarters master plan and renovation, CHS worked with BWBR to design a new parking deck to align parking capacity with a growing organization. The new post-tensioned concrete structure is integrated into the site and architecture of the campus to create the appearance that the deck was long-intended as part of original design and planning.

Circulation efficiency, safety, and wayfinding are paramount objectives as the deck nestles into a sloping site while bisecting (and sheltering) an existing pedestrian connection between buildings. Walkway and vehicle crossings are minimized via careful circulation planning and a pedestrian bridge provides circulation from the upper deck to effortlessly join existing site grades. Trellis structures further fold the deck into the landscape and provide visual interest.

Size: 650-stall, two-level parking deck

Components: New parking deck; connected pedestrian bridge; integrative design to make the ramp blend into the landscape; innovative signage placards; underground stormwater retention practices

Completion: 2019