2015 AIA Awards MN

Solutions Enhancing What People Do.

BWBR is a design firm with a diverse practice in architecture, interior design, and master and strategic planning. Since 1922, BWBR has empowered clients to discover what it means to be innovative, cutting-edge, engaging, and efficient. We help bring clarity to visions, lead discussions, and design effective solutions that elevate organizations to the next level. Through our mission and values, we create solutions that enhance what people do.


To Produce Distinguished Architecture

Great architecture must be honest and appropriate in its environment. We must strive for beauty in proportion, detail, color, and texture without sacrificing the practical program or functional and economical requirements of the project.

To Develop Well-Satisfied Clients

The client will use the building for many years. This entitles the client to the greatest satisfaction we can provide. We must solve their program needs and meet their budget and time schedules. This requires patience, diplomacy, and effective rapport and communication.

To Foster the Development of Our Staff

The more experienced will encourage younger staff members and provide the benefit of their knowledge so they can develop to their full potential as professionals over a full range of experiences. Ample opportunity exists within the firm for advancement and professional growth for those who have the capacity and initiative to succeed.

To Earn a Reasonable Profit on All Jobs

No business can continue to operate successfully without earning a profit. Each project should have a fee adequate to do a good job and provide a reasonable profit. We will keep all those responsible informed as to the time allowable and cost status of each project. To manage rising costs, we must continually strive for greater efficiency.


Honesty & Trust

We believe our conduct, both personal and professional, should reflect the highest degree of integrity. Our behavior will foster openness, accountability, and mutual respect.

Caring & Supportive

We encourage a positive life/work balance. We will be sensitive to the needs of those we work with and support a family-friendly atmosphere.

Positive & Interested

We delight in the individual who approaches life with a positive attitude and treasure those who are actively curious and interested in the world around us — in people, things, and ideas.

Constant Improvement

We challenge ourselves to seek unique solutions, be open to new ideas, and work for an environment where creativity will flourish. We will learn from the past and create the future.

Teaching & Learning

We provide opportunities to grow and develop professionally and personally by sharing ideas, knowledge, and experience. We encourage taking personal initiatives both to mentor and to be mentored.


We enjoy our chosen profession and take great pride in performing to the best of our abilities in a team setting. We value hard work, teamwork, and succeeding together. We look for opportunities to enjoy each other inside and outside of the office.


We value loyalty — loyalty to our clients, to BWBR, and to each other. And we respect the personal and professional accountability that this relationship affords.