Championing a design research and knowledge management program, Stefnee lends passion for problem solving in design research, organizational learning, and operational improvement. She leads a program focused on identifying, capturing, and sharing knowledge to enhance client service and staff development. Stefnee has co-authored peer-reviewed studies examining the impact evidence-based design has on occupant outcomes and served as an invited presenter at industry conferences and events.

Stefnee Trzpuc

Joined BWBR in 2002
Named Principal in 2018

“Knowledge is at the heart of what we do and how we serve our clients. Our approach to practice-based research guides me to design studies and research questions that reach into the core of our clients’ biggest problems. Sharing our findings — both what worked well and what didn’t — is important because what we learn today impacts the future of our clients, our knowledge-driven approaches, and ultimately, the design solutions we create.”



Application of Space Syntax Theory in the Study of Medical-Surgical Nursing Units in Urban Hospitals, Health Environments Research and Design Journal, 2010, v4 n1

Does Space Matter? An Exploratory Study for a Child-Adolescent Mental Health Inpatient Unit, Health Environments Research and Design Journal, 2016, v10 n1

Research Projects:

Regions Hospital, Family Birth Center, Pre- and Post-Occupancy Evaluation (in progress)

Hennepin County Medical Center, Clinic & Specialty Center (CSC), Pre- and Post-Occupancy Evaluation

North Dakota State University, A. Glenn Hill Center for STEM Education, Post-Occupancy Evaluation

Fortune 500 Company, Research & Development Building, Post-Occupancy Evaluation

Self-Esteem Brands/Anytime Fitness, Corporate Headquarters, Post-Occupancy Evaluation

Maple Grove Medical Campus, Maple Grove Hospital, Five-Year Post-Occupancy Evaluation

Karner Blue Education Center, Spatial Qualities Aiding in Curriculum Component of Self-Regulation of Special Education Students Case Study

Karner Blue Education Center, Post-Occupancy Evaluation

University of Minnesota, Microbiology Research Facility, Laboratory Casework Flexibility Study

University of Minnesota, Microbiology Research Facility, Collaboration in Research Environments Study

BWBR White Paper:

Nursing Units and Communication: Considering the built environment’s impact on social support and job satisfaction, August 2010


Fail It Forward, Knowledge Architecture Connect, San Francisco, May 2018

Teach Them How to Fish: Enhancing Technical Learning with KM Strategies, Knowledge Architecture Connect, San Francisco, May 2017

Push vs. Pull: A Simple Approach to Improve Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Architecture Connect, San Francisco, May 2016

Integrated Knowledge Flow at BWBR, Knowledge Architecture Connect, San Francisco, June 2014