July 5, 2024

Connection in Kindness: The 2024 BWBR Summer Card

Our twice-annual (summer and winter) card-sends are a beloved BWBR tradition, and a lot of care and creativity goes into their design each year. For the 2024 summer card, our graphics team was inspired by the ideas of connection and kindness, and how the card might inspire real-life interactions that could spread some cheer.

Bringing the Concept to Life

The team started with some brainstorming and landed on a few concepts that were shared with a wider selection team for feedback. The designs focused on sharing and interaction spoke to the group, and pushing that idea a bit further, the team landed on the idea of old-school popsicles that were meant to be split apart and shared. This idea played into the summer timeline as well as the nostalgia that so many of us feel at this time of year, while also encouraging recipients to slow down, see the good around them, and consider sharing something sweet. From here, we could finalize the design and begin to imagine all the pieces that could go along with it…

Three concepts the graphics team envisioned


It was important to the design team to involve BWBR staff as much as possible in this campaign for kindness. One way we did that is by crowd-sourcing some practical ways to spread connection and kindness. We’ve listed a few highlights below, but watch for more on our social media channels. We love the mix of ideas focused on colleagues with those that encourage family or friends, or even strangers!

  • “I love to buy the person behind me coffee in the drive through while I’m up at the window. I had that done to me once a few years back and it made my day.” –Maddie Smith
  • “I no longer live on a street with a sidewalk, but I always appreciated when our neighbors would shovel ours.” –Peter Leahy
  • “Smile and say hi to your neighbors when out and about. Be nice to service workers. This may seem basic, but a little positivity goes a very long way.” –Danielle Hilmo
  • “Can we all agree to bring back the ‘thank you wave’ while driving?” –Jamie Lauler
  • “Holding the door for the person behind you – it takes a second, costs nothing, and can make someone feel seen.” –Matt Gerstner
  • “When I was a kid, I would pay a surprise visit to my elderly neighbor just to talk.” –Zaneta Jones
  • “Last night on the way home, a pair of turkeys were walking down the middle of the road. Everyone stopped and patiently watched them get to where they needed to go. I love seeing people being kind to the animals who share our environment.” –Jennifer Stukenberg

We also featured staff in a fun video demonstrating the way the card can be used “out in the wild.”

Share the Kindness

Want to get in on the action? Consider spreading some kindness yourself with the downloads below. Choose from printable files or graphics that can be used in email or over social media. Whether you’re connecting digitally or IRL, join us in taking a moment to brighten someone’s day.

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