January 3, 2022

BWBR Names Two New Principals

New principals Hottinger Streit

BWBR is thrilled to announce Dan Hottinger and Leigh Streit as our newest principals. An employee-owned firm with nearly 45% of staff being shareholders, BWBR is one of the largest and oldest professional services firms in the region providing architectural, interior design, and facility advisory services, and our principals are an integral part of that longevity and success.

Since joining BWBR in 1998, Dan Hottinger has focused on his passions including building technologies and continuing education for staff. Approaching each project with a critical eye for technical solutions and coordination between disciplines has made him a resource for highly technical medical, science and technology, and maintenance facility projects.

As the Business Unit Leader for Professional Services, Dan oversees multiple functions at BWBR and organizes continuing education for the next generation: “I am grateful for the recognition of my work in Professional Services and thankful for the wisdom and guidance I receive from the team every day. I look forward to continuing to work together to deliver quality documents and seamless project delivery in the field.”

With BWBR since 2014, Leigh Streit, AIA, LEED® AP is an exceptional architect who is committed to fantastic client service and understands that thorough documentation and communication during the design process is the essential ingredient. His knowledge and experience with complex higher education, science and technology, and health care environments help guide clients seamlessly and successfully through their challenges.

He shares, “What makes architecture so thrilling is the creative, collaborative energy I feel when clients, end users, engineers, and designers find synergies in a project, elevating it from just a building to something more than the sum of its parts. I’m excited to continue my work in this capacity.”

BWBR President and CEO Stephanie McDaniel adds, “Dan and Leigh’s expertise, perspective, and experience at BWBR make them valuable additions to our leadership team, and I have every confidence in their abilities. I’m excited about what we can accomplish together.”

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