May 3, 2021

BWBR to Host Discussion on Impacts from Site-of-Care Shifts

View into an outpatient treatment room.

Park Nicollet Burnsville Clinic, Ambulatory Surgery Center, and Parking Ramp

Since 2018 and culminating with a complete list phase out beginning this year, the hundreds of procedures that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) removed from in-patient only reimbursements has opened wide the doors to more ambulatory surgery centers. The pandemic also encouraged CMS to change rules bringing more parity in payments between virtual and in-person clinic visits, dramatically changing interactions between providers and patients.

These shifts are significantly impacting providers’ margins, their growth and investment strategies, and their purchasing decisions, even as site-of-care shifts are not happening universally across all services, specialties, or markets.

On Wednesday, May 26, BWBR will host a live discussion, BWBR Live Talk | Planning for Future Site-of-Care Shifts, with Megan Director of the Advisory Board. The timely discussion will focus on the shifting landscape for healthcare providers and organizations, looking at those shifts from costly, high-acuity settings to the lowest-cost, most convenient sites for patients, from hospital to ambulatory centers, and from physician offices to patients’ phones.

In this session, Director will examine the forces driving the site-of-care shifts, spotlight the services at greatest risk of shifting, and flag the signals that shifts are likely to occur within a specific market. She’ll also discuss both the opportunities and challenges created as clinical services move far beyond the hospital and consider how organizations can effectively react to and proactively prepare for the evolving outpatient market.

The event will begin at noon and continue to 1:30, with a moderated discussion for attendees to present their questions. Registration is free for this event:

Qualified credit is being sought for ACHE members as well as learning units for AIA members.

Director is managing director and expert partner at the Advisory Board who led research initiatives spanning executive priorities for healthcare organizations, with a particular focus on service line strategy as well as cardiovascular services. Today, she partners with healthcare leaders across the industry to advance their strategic goals and align with a rapidly changing care landscape. She is especially passionate about bridging partnerships across the healthcare ecosystem to improve care delivery.

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