May 8, 2020

“We want to make sure, whatever we do, that it is safe, effective, and equitable when we come back.”

BWBR health and mental care experts talk the future of workplace in newest BWBR Design Thinking Series

How offices reopen is as much a question as when for many organizations. In our third episode of BWBR Design Thinking Series: The Future of Workplace, Pete Smith, FAIA; Melanie Baumhover, AIA, LEED AP; and Scott Holmes, RA, ACHA, LEED AP bring their individual expertise in leadership, health care, and mental health design to discuss how offices can draw upon the elements of a Human-Centered Safety® approach to create a welcoming, comfortable, and supportive environment for workers’ physical and mental wellbeing. From strategies to control infection spread to design that alleviates anxieties and stress, the three spotlight how a focus on the needs of the whole person will be how the whole office comes back together successfully.

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