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Enhance 2018: Longevity Issue

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Previous issues:

[ENHANCE] 2016

[ENHANCE] 2015

Investing in Behavioral Health for Better Outcomes:

Value-driven facility improvements to promote more effective care

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Supporting the Psychosocial Needs of Cancer Patients through Design:

Designing to support patient control, privacy, dignity, and hope

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Avera Behavioral Health Center: A 5-Year Post Occupancy Study:

Design tactics and strategies scrutinized as facility’s prominent profile, open environment succeeds in changing image of mental health care

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Enhancing Mental Health Care Delivery:

Changing the image of mental health care through design solutions

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Every Space Is A Learning Space:

Encouraging informal learning and collaboration in higher education environments

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Child-Adolescent Mental Health: Using Sensory Environments to Help Patients Discover a New Reality:

An examination of design strategies to influence pediatric patient care and outcomes

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Improving Safety and Care through Smarter Design in Secure Treatment Facilities:

Using open, softer environments to encourage behavioral change and reduce need for restraints and seclusion

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Nursing Units and Communication:

Considering the built environment’s impact on social support and job satisfaction

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