Keely Stults
Senior Interior Designer

Joined BWBR in 2019

Keely enjoys listening to and engaging with clients, digging deep into problem-solving to help shape design solutions for their unique project. She is passionate about human-centered design, looking for and creating opportunities to weave in elements that support health and wellness in all of her work. Keely leads interior design, assisting in project visioning, space planning and collaborating with the design team in bringing design and documentation to completion.

“Early in my career, I pursued chemistry because I enjoy the structure of the scientific model: action, reaction, action, reaction… Later I discovered that architecture and design utilize a similar mindset, but also creatively interject the human experience. By asking the right questions and incorporating the human scale during the action phase, design becomes a tool for optimizing the user’s reaction to a space.”


Tennant Company
Global Corporate Headquarters Campus Relocation
League of Minnesota Cities
Workplace Remodel