Ward County

Ward County Jail Expansion and Remodeling

Day room with tables and access to cells.
Exterior view of the Ward County Jail addition and entry.
Secure staff observation and security station.
Staff corridor with touchdown workstation and evidence storage lockers.

Ward County

Ward County Jail Expansion and Remodeling

Minot, N.D.

The original scope of the Ward County jail project was to add 42 beds to the existing 100-bed facility by maximizing expansion potential on the existing, confined site and connecting directly to the existing jail. BWBR and the team worked closely with Ward County Commissioners, the Sheriff’s Department, and key County staff over four years, bringing fresh perspectives and creative solutions for the facility, and helping to define and deliver on project goals throughout the design process.

At the outset of design, Ward County asked BWBR about future expansion potential. BWBR then led a series of expansion studies that resulted in a recommendation for the County to purchase additional property adjacent to the existing jail. The County completed the purchase and the increased flexibility allowed the initial design to include an addition with 50 cells (all capable of being double bunked) in eight classifications. To support future expansion, the design also accommodated a vertical expansion for an additional tiered housing floor that could support an additional 50 cells/100 beds in seven additional classifications.

Efficiency during design allowed the County to include the vertical expansion in the base bid, incorporating an additional 22 cells/44 beds (maximum) in one portion and the remaining space “shelled” for future beds. An efficient construction process utilized unused construction contingency funds to complete the vertical expansion concurrent with the base construction, resulting in a total expansion of 100 cells/200 beds (maximum). The schedule was accelerated through integration of a construction manager early in the design process to participate in phasing discussions, constructability reviews, and providing detailed cost estimating throughout the design process.

Designed in collaboration with architect of record, JLG Architects.

Size: 66,500 sq. ft. new; 34,000 sq. ft. remodel

Components: 200 total beds in 14 classifications; indoor/outdoor recreation areas immediately adjacent to the housing pods; expanded and remodeled spaces for critical support functions including intake, intake vehicle sallyport, central control, jail administration, health services, laundry, and multipurpose rooms; new Sheriff’s Department; new off-street loading dock

Completion: 2018

Mark Ludgatis (retired)
Jessica Berg
Courtney Cooper
Matt Gerstner
Liliana Maresh
Brittany Simonson
Bryan Toov
Todd Warren